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Southwestern High School's (IN) NetTalon active shooter security system could be in every school in America...

NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports on Southwestern High School in Indiana's safety measures during an active shooter attack. NetTalon founder and president discusses building the school's security system.

Could be in 80% of all American schools for the $38 billion just sent to Ukraine.

Oh and this video is 4 years old as of 05/31/2022...

Spiders on Drugs...

Spiders on drugs is the best video you'll see this week.

Twitter still acting as Pfizer PR department censoring positive Ivermectin covid studies

Elon Musk bought Twitter this week but despite that the social media giant was force trending a statement all throughout the week of April 25, 2022 that stated, "Ivermectin does not reduce risk of COVID-19 hospitalization, clinical study shows." (Funny that was trending as hospitalizations are at all time lows BUT the VP is taking Pfizer's oral antiviral because she caught the smovid.) 

Bob's Blitz Twitter account tweeted in response, "Ivermectin reduces Covid-19 related hospitalizations according to literally dozens of studies." and linked to PubMed's copius number of studies showing that Ivermectin does reduce Covid 19 related hospitalizations.

Well that led to Twitter locking the @BobsBlitz twitter account and a warning being fired:

Your account, @BobsBlitz has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules. Specifically for: Violating the policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19. We understand that during times of crisis and instability, it is difficult to know what to do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Under this policy, we require the removal of content that may pose a risk to people’s health, including content that goes directly against guidance from authoritative sources of global and local public health information.
ivermectin covid
Twitter transparency at its best...