Sid Rosenberg latest to fire shots at Boomer & Gio: "The market is ripe for the taking..."

Boomer & Gio in trouble? Craig Carton starts 9AM tomorrow. Bernie and Sid start next week (perhaps with Mike Francesa as a guest revealing his long awaited future plans). Rosenberg tells Talker the time is right:

“I think our new morning show will appeal to a wide range of audience. It’s fair to assume the 40-year-old male and female will enjoy our brand. WFAN’s morning show targets the enthusiastic sports fan. WOR? Well, I’m not sure whom they target. Politics – local and national – news, sports, pop culture, and entertainment will all take center stage daily on our new show. We’ve already received commitments from big name guests from all the arenas I just mentioned. Plus, the competition can’t come close to contending when you include the daily laughs Bernie and I will provide.” Rosenberg confidently concludes, “With Imus saying goodbye, Howard Stern on satellite radio and Craig Carton off mornings on WFAN, the market is ripe for the taking. Bernie and I have talked about and waited for this opportunity for the better part of 18 years. We have a decidedly better product than the competition and we expect to win!”

i.e. - The perfect storm. (And so far in over his head Al Dukes has no idea what changes need to be made.)

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