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Francesa Lies - WFAN Did Have Audio Archives in September 2001

Everyone knows about the feud between Phil Mushnick and Mike Francesa over anti-Jewish sentiment. (Btw, Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo has not returned emails on the matter) The interesting part is where/when the cover-up begins. has an interesting article on the matter, Phil Mushnick Calls out Mike Francesa on Francesa’s asking Jewish callers to take loyalty oaths on 9/11/01 during his WFAN broadcast, Francesa answers back with lies


Everything that Mushnick is alleging is true, in fact was listening to WFAN when it happened, we are not sure if it was the afternoon of September 11th or one of the days after but we remember Francesa and Mad Dog Russo (Francesa’s partner at the time) yelling at Jewish callers, demanding they declare their loyalty to the United States. Francesa even declared that even though he is Italian he would never consider defending Italy over the United States.

On today’s edition of Mike’d Up, Francesa answered Mushnick’s column and in our opinion, lied when he declared that none of the things in Mushnick’s column were ever uttered by him. Francesa then made a big mistake, he said at the time the matter had been investigated and cleared by the station, yet he stated that WFAN never saves any of his on air audio, how could it have been investigated if there were no tapes to listen to???

Some have alleged that WFAN claimed after the shows in question to have 'lost the tapes.' Francesa claimed in his retort that WFAN never made tapes.

Here is what WFAN's website looked like in September of 2001. Not only did they have Real Media files online...they had some from callers! That indicates that not only did they have tapes of specific interviews but that they were also running the recorder for the entire show as caller tapes were produced.

What a tangled web we weave.

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