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WFAN's Mark Chernoff Given Sponsor Pronunciation Lesson

We've still not heard back from V/P Sports Programming CBS Radio, V/P Programming CBS Radio New York, WFAN Operations Manager Mark Chernoff regarding Sal Licata and Intern Gate, Licata and his firing, Mia Harris leaving or the ever popular vitaminwater® mess.

But we do know that they listen.

Recently we tweeted @wfan660 that their on-air folks were constantly mispronouncing Meso Law (the arm of law firms that chase those folks suffering from Mesothelioma in hopes of filing lawsuits). And? We had a WFAN mole send along a note that WFAN's digital sales person, Dan Chozahinoff, gave Chernoff and Eric Spitz a grammar lesson:

-----Original Message-----
From: Chozahinoff, Dan
Sent: Monday, June 21, 2010 7:53 AM
To: Chernoff, Mark; Spitz, Eric
Subject: Fw: WFAN Mispronounciatioin

Please pass on...

The correct pronunciation is...


Yes, he seriously missspelleedd Mispronounciatioin.

But thanks for listening guys.

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