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Blitz Reader Blasts Mike Francesa over LT v Sanchez

Received several emails regarding Mike Francesa's take on Mark Sanchez playing in a field with new grass. We're not going into it any further (you can read some of our tweets from yesterday for a brief take on the matter) so here is the best of the lot:

Hey guys,

I'm a big fan of your website. Were you guys listening to Francesa today?

Is it just me or he pretty much defended LT for soliciting a 16 year old prostitute which breaks at least 2 laws in NY, yet he bashed Mark Sanchez for having a consensual and completely legal relationship with a 17 year old? I mean, I could be mistaken but I recall him saying something about LT not being at fault completely because the girl had lied about her age (can't really defend the soliciting a prostitute part), then he turns around and says that Sanchez should have been more careful and this makes him look bad, even though the girl could have easily lied about her age as well. Don't forget the fact that Sanchez is only 7 years older than the girl he hooked up with, while LT is old enough to be the prostitutes father. I know the guy shows obvious favoritism towards the Giants over the Jets, but this makes him look pretty hypocritical.

I'd be interested to hear Bobs Blitz take on it, especially since I know you guys exposed Francesa over some LT info he had made up last year.

Keep up the great work.


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