Baylor Softball's Clare Hosack Fouls One off the Face, Suffers Fractures [Video]

Baylor freshman catcher Clare Hosack fouled a pitch off her forehead and just under her eye yesterday - forcing her to leave the super regional game between the Bears and Georgia. She was taken to the hospital for stitches and treatment for multiple fractures.

Lady Bears coach Glenn Moore: “The last I heard was four bones are fractures and obviously some stitching on the bottom and top of her eye,” Moore said. “That was a tough break there.”

Clare initially showed bunt.

*Update from Baylor Athletics: "Clare Hosack, who took a foul tip to the face during game one yesterday, is doing well, but is extremely sore. Face swollen with multiple fractures to right side of the face with stitches below the eye. The team did pick her up at the ER after last night's game."

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