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How Many Garages in Mike Francesa's Home?

Wednesday, WFAN's resident pompous asshole, Mike Francesa, berated callers that disputed his claim that 3500 square foot houses are middle class average as far as he's concerned. Yes, this is on YouTube.

They are when you live in a 7,462 sq. ft. home, you proletariat pukes. (btw, the average sized home was 2,349 square feet in 2004) Phil Mushnick writes today:

Wednesday on Mike Francesa's WFAN/YES simulcast, a riff about Osama bin Laden's last home address -- remember, there's nothing Francesa doesn't know -- led to his claim that a 3,500 square-foot house is the av erage size of a local home.

When a caller, "Chris in Jersey," tried to tell him that

he's way off -- that 3,500 square feet is far from average -- Francesa dismissed him as a know-nothing, angrily shouting over him. Naturally.

In Francesa's regal world, 3,500 square is a shed, but in the real one that's roughly four bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen with eating area and den.

Francesa's house has been for sale roughly since he bought it in 2008. Bitch all you want folks. $5 million per year gets you 5 garages and a big ole house.

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