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A Look at Gary Carter's Daughter's Diary is Sad, Incredible

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. The number of sites with headlines like "Gary Carter's brain tumors likely inoperable." Most continue on with things like: "Carter’s daughter, Kimmy Bloemers, wrote that the cancer 'is like a snake of tumors that are connected across the back of the brain. The biggest tumor is on the left side of the brain.'"

And then? They don't link to Kimmy's diary (pic above via TheKid8). And it is within that very touching writing that one can really see the extreme battle that is going on in the Carter family. The kid's fans will appreciate the poignant over the poisonous:

Dad woke up feeling a little sad so mom and D.J. got him out of the hotel room to sit in the jacuzzi and swim in the pool. The doctor has said that exercising the mind and body is so good for dad. D.J. left at 2pm today to go back to California. It was another sad goodbye. It's been hard to say goodbye to each kid. As with every kid, Dad said, "I love you...Thank you for being here....I am proud of you....I'll miss you." After the goodbye, dad went to take a VERY NEEDED nap while my mom went on a power walk.

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