Nuts: Ben & Jerry's Planning A "Schwetty Balls" Ice Cream? | Bob's Blitz

Nuts: Ben & Jerry's Planning A "Schwetty Balls" Ice Cream?

Is Ben & Jerry's planning a "Schweddy Balls" ice cream based on the Alex Baldwin Saturday Night Live classic? The Gothamist thinks maybe:

[Ana] Gayster casually let this little bomb slip during an interview with New York 1: "It has this crazy, massive popularity that’s kind of had a half life since I left the show. Ben and Jerry's is coming out with a schweddy balls ice cream for Christmas this year.” Whoa! Bowery Boogie says the flavor will arrive sometime in September and run through Christmas, but a Ben & Jerry's rep we spoke to would neither confirm nor deny the move, explaining "we like all of our new flavors to have an element of surprise."

Think of the surprise B&J could deliver with this.

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