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WFAN's Mike Francesa an Idiot; Russo a 'Sidekick': Strahan

Mike Francesa? "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" Mike telling Tiki Barber, “The guys at NBC, and I know all of them, they felt that you did a bad job and they said that they thought you were entitled. I mean, they were not complimentary about your work. Let’s not run away from that, this is part of the story,” is the epitome of the donkey telling the rooster its head is too big. Imagine one of Mike's current or ex co-workers relaying stories of being stuck with him on one of those Marquis Jets on the way to an event.

One person who is a bit riled up is former NY Giant great and current Fox football analyst Michael Strahan. Here a few of Strahan's tweets following the barbing:

Francesca [sic] is an idiot RT @peter_doyle11: @michaelstrahan have you heard the Tiki interview on Francesca's show? It is cringe inducing!

I refused to do interviews with him and his side kick years ago! RT @Pump_City: @michaelstrahan whens last interview you did with Francesa?

I dont respect sum1 that cuts off callers & thinks they know more than everyone including the actual athlete or coach! Then u shld do it & show us...

And by the way... Saying francesca is an idiot doesn't mean I'm saying Tiki is right either. I don't know why Tiki would even do that show

That doesn't change my opinion about the host!! RT @DonaldLongo: @michaelstrahan to be fair its the biggest radio show in NY by far.

Cross one more off the guest list. (Photo by Matthew Funtime)

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