Nyjer Morgan Pseudo Flips off Frisco Fans [Video] | Bob's Blitz

Nyjer Morgan Pseudo Flips off Frisco Fans [Video]

Brewers center fielder Nyjer Morgan has created an alter ego, Tony Plush, to deal with his on-field stupidity. Friday night he was spotted throwing up a 'Hunters Point' gesture followed by a pseudo flipping off of Giants fans. (Photo)

He had this to say afterwords:

As Adam Dunn once said: "He's an emotional guy. I don't think that's anything but that. I think his emotions took over. He doesn't make very many mistakes. I wouldn't call it a mistake. He's just an emotional guy, and you take the good with the bad."

He's batting .327 - Mr. Freeze has stayed off his stick - but, sorry...the bad will always overtake the good.

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