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That Foul Ball from Jeter's 3000th Hit at-bat? It's got Bids...

The ball Derek Jeter fouled off two swings before the HR gave him 3000 hits finally hit the market last night with an opening $1,500 dollar bid. That's right, The Greatest Modern New York Yankees Event Ball Ever Publicly Offered can be yours. Right now? 3 bids in, it sits waiting at $3,218. And? It includes a game ticket!

But wait, there's more. It was nailed by a man who had an arm in a sling due to recent shoulder surgery:

"The foul ball my father acquired was hit sharply towards our section, and as it was sailing past us, my father was able to deflect the ball off of one of his fingers by elevating his left arm (the one not in the sling). Immediately after hitting his hand, the ball fell to the ground and landed in the stairway to the right of where my father was sitting. He pounced on the ball, and, again using only his left arm and hand, was able to secure it from a crowd of other fans attempting to pick it up.”

Pretty sure that will not be bidding.

Mears...2011 Derek Jeter's New York Yankees 3,000th Hit Game Ball - 1 of 4 used in the game (LOA MEARS Auctions, MLB marking, LOA Consignor) Lot 341 Ends July 30th

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