Donovan McNabb has a 'Laissez-Faire' Attitude: Boomer Esiason [Video] | Bob's Blitz

Donovan McNabb has a 'Laissez-Faire' Attitude: Boomer Esiason [Video]

Asked who his NFL bust was, Boomer Esiason replied - The Minnesota Vikings. Why? Because they might not like Donovan McNabb's laissez-faire attitude.

Phil Simms apparently didn't understand the term bust - picking Jacksonville and Tennessee - who were 8-8 & 6-10 last year, respectively.

Shannon Sharpe went with Michael Vick. At least that's what we think he said.

Would have had McNabb tabbed as a republican, no? Booms also taps NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez to hit 25-30 TDs, as he apparently has no issues with restrictive regulations, taxes, tariffs and enforced monopolies.

And we already know what Booms thinks of Tim Tebow.

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