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Sean Avery May Support Homosexuals...Blacks? Not so Much

NY Rangers gay rights activist Sean Avery is getting some heat from former Los Angeles, 2010-2011 Ranger teammate Alexander Frolov in an interview that Alex did with

Why does everyone hate him?

It's probably not so much hate ... (pause). He has specific roles, Sean - just a kind man, and he loves to do, let's say, extravagant things. Often - on the brink of a foul. By the way, is not a stupid guy. Besides, now Avery became calmer, smarter. It used to periodically overwhelmed emotions, he could do some nonsense . Remember each of his indiscretion .... He constantly something happens, it's part of his job. Avery need to be talked about. He is really like Sean likes it in the center of attention, he feels at home. Sometimes calls opponents "black monkeys" ... A lot of things all he did not remember everything, telling a long time can be separately talk about his antics.

And? Deadspin says this isn't the first time he's been accused of such.

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