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Youth Umpire Claims Baseball Team Purposely Hit Him [Video]

Lee's Summit, MO: 22-year-old Umpire Kyle Reynolds said he had his hand X-rayed and filed a report with the Lee’s Summit Police Department after being hit by a pitch. Reynolds claims the pitcher, catcher, and coach of an under 18-year-old team competing in the Mac-N-Seitz Midwest Championships and Showcase at Legacy Park in Lee’s Summit threw at him purposely back on July 21st.

“Right as the pitcher releases the ball, the catcher literally jumps to the right and the ball comes inside and caught me on the hand,” Reynolds said. “It wasn’t an attempt to make a baseball play. It wasn’t like even if he called an outside pitch. … I don’t think he would have caught it.”

The coach and players involved deny any wrongdoing. However, Candace Buckner points out that the catcher initially claimed in an interview to have asked for a courtesy timeout for the ump. Video shows otherwise.

This is going to be quite interesting.

h/t to 'MR' for the video.

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