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NY's 'Most Buzz Worthy' Media Members Named

New York, NY -- Eight months ago the Blitz released The Most Intriguing NY Sports Broadcast Media Personalities of the Past Decade...basically the 74 personalities that we'd most like to have a drink with. Today we received a list (that we had commissioned) of the top-25 most buzz worthy mainstream NY media members as determined by independent media consultant BSF's proprietary formula.

"...the formula took into consideration the individual's 'buzz ability' by looking at such things as tweets, re-tweets, blog mentions, mentions by competing networks and or publications as well as public appearances and how competing colleagues ranked them."

The list is enlightening.

Bob's Blitz' Most Buzz Worthy NY Media Members

25. Bob Raissman
24. Chris Carlin
23. Evan Roberts
22. Adam Schein
21. Kevin Burkhardt
20. Alan Hahn
19. Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo
18. Joe Benigno
17. Bob Glauber
16. Rich Cimini
15. Phil Mushnick
14. Gary Myers
13. Paul Schwartz
12. Bill Madden
11. Mike Lupica
10. Kevin Kernan
09. Jared Max
08. Michael Kay
07. Mike Francesa
06. Mike Vaccaro
05. George A. King III
04. Craig Carton
03. Peter Vecsey
02. Larry Brooks

And Bob's Blitz' number 1 most buzz worthy member of New York MSM over the past 2 years is...

01. Boomer Esiason (Below with daughter Sydney at the Samsung Hope for Children 2011 Gala back in June.)

The list is interesting as it shows that A) Newspapers are far from dead and B) There has been a shift of power on the air-waves. (That 'Mike Francesa' has less than 750k Google results and 'Mike Francesa WFAN' has less than 200k alone was eye opening. But don't cry for Mike, he just paid 49k in taxes on just one of his homes.)

The ranking may have already had an effect over at WFAN (which was second only to the NY Post with personalities on the list). Francesa mentioned this afternoon that ESPN is trumpeting their report that Dwight Gooden missed The Mets’ Victory Parade in 1986 because he was doing coke.

Only problem is...Doc told Boomer & Carton the same story, word for word, for the first time publicly on May 24th, 2011 (2 months after the Blitz hung with him).

Gotta love colleague Francesa stabbing Blondie & Carton in the back, no?

Pulse of the People, indeed. (You can catch the duo on Nov. 2 coaching Fordham basketball's men's intersquad scrimmage in a fundraiser for Esiason's Foundation.)

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