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NJ Net Kris Humphries Locked Out, Robbed

NJ Net Kris Humphries (Mr. Kardashian) was allegedly bilked out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by Andrey Christopher Hicks. (Hicks was a guest at Humphries' wedding to Kim Kardashian according to TMZ.) Hicks was charged with wire fraud following his arrest yesterday in Canada:

The SEC alleges that Hicks and his advisory firm made numerous misrepresentations when soliciting individuals to invest in a purported hedge fund Hicks controlled called Locust Offshore Fund, Ltd. According to the SEC’s Complaint, Hicks and his advisory firm falsely represented to potential investors that:

Hicks obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University;

Hicks worked for Barclays Capital, where he “grew his book nearly two-fold and expanded his group’s assets under management to roughly $16 [billion]”;

Ernst & Young served as the fund’s auditor;

Credit Suisse served as the fund’s prime broker and custodian; and the fund was a business company incorporated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands.

By making these representations and creating other indicia of legitimacy, the SEC alleges that Hicks may have obtained at least $1.7 million from 10 investors and may have misappropriated at least a portion of these funds for personal expenses.

The plague of the locust snared a Net -- at least he still has Kim.....

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