ESPN's Lee Corso asks, "Where's that Little Kid?" [Video] | Bob's Blitz

ESPN's Lee Corso asks, "Where's that Little Kid?" [Video]

Shortly after Penn State players arrived for their game against Nebraska today, and the National Anthem was played...some sort of prayer for the sexual abuse victims took place midfield. (via SportsGrid) Which indicates that if only Nebraska running backs coach Ron Brown had led a pre-game prayer circle years ago asking for protection, none of this horrific stuff would have happened.

And, btw, 'protecting the victims' is an oxymoron. Just ask the Penn Staters who attacked victims rights advocate John Matko.

Cutting back from commercial, ESPN's Lee Corso asked, "Where's that little kid?"

So, what was he talking about? Michael McCarthy, USA TODAY: "ESPN's Rachel Margolis explained it this way: 'Lee Corso's mic was open coming out of break today. He was heard saying 'Where's that little kid?' That was in reference to the charity auction winner at Stanford who won the (opportunity) to hand him the mascot head.'"

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