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Woman Killed by U-Haul truck Filled with Kegs while Tailgating at the Harvard-Yale Game This Morning

New Haven, CT -- A 30-year-old woman was killed by a man driving a U-Haul truck in a parking lot designated for pre-game tailgating by Sigma Phi Epsilon (Yale Bowl's Lot D) at the Harvard-Yale game today.

In total, the driver of the U-Haul hit 3 women and 2 other U-Haul trucks.

“He accelerated, striking three women and continued until it hit a parked U-Haul truck. That truck then pushed into another U-Haul truck,” said David Hartman, spokesman for the New Haven Police.

The first U-Haul was filled with kegs. Probably had taps, too.

The driver is in police custody and the accident is under investigation.

**Update -- The Yale Daily News' (picture above) reports that the 2nd victim, a New Haven woman, is in serious but stable condition at Yale-New Haven Hospital. The third victim was taken to St. Raphael's Hospital and treated for minor injuries. A moment of silence was observed at halftime of 'The Game.' Yale released the following statement:

"The Yale community is deeply saddened by the tragic vehicle accident that occurred at a Yale Bowl parking lot this morning. One person (a woman who was not a Yale student or affiliate nor believed to be a Harvard affiliate) was killed. Two other individuals were injured; one (a Yale School of Management student) is in stable condition, and the other is likely to be released from the hospital. Yale extends our sympathies and prayers to the family of the woman who was killed and hopes for the speedy recovery of the two women hurt. Our thoughts are also with those who witnessed or were affected by this tragic accident."

YDN adds: "Brendan Ross '13, who was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident, to NHPD headquarters on Union Avenue for questioning. Ross is not currently in custody and has not been charged with anything related to the incident.

When reached by phone Sunday morning, Ross declined to comment. A press release from the NHPD said Ross passed a field sobriety test after the accident. In a Sunday afternoon statement, William Dow '63, Ross' New Haven-based lawyer, said Ross and his family expressed their sincere condolences at Barry's death, adding that it appeared to be the result of a 'vehicle malfunction.'"

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