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Model Lauren Scruggs Has Hand Chopped off by Plane Propeller

MCKINNEY, TX -- 23-year-old model Lauren Scruggs (left) is fighting for her eye and brain after injuring her shoulder and losing her hand when she accidently walked into her airplane's propeller. Scruggs had just gotten off the two-seater 2011 Aviat Husky A-1C-180 plane at a private airport in McKinney when she apparently walked in front of the propeller. The family writes:

Struck on the left side of her body, Lauren's hand, head, and shoulder area were hit.

Following multiple surgeries, Lauren has received facial and shoulder reconstruction, as well as the loss of her hand. We are currently praying for healing on the left eye and brain. She is in stable condition with ongoing surgery.

They later added: "Lauren's surgery went very well this morning. She is now resting in ICU with the family. She is able to open her right eye to see while her left eye is still bandaged. Please continue to pray for the vision of her left eye, as we will not know the status of her sight for some time."

The pilot, Kurt Richmond of Frisco, was not injured according to the Sheriff's office. Perhaps because he did not accidentally walk into the propeller.

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