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Tim Tebow Named Best Looking NFL Quarterback

New York, NY -- Boomer & Carton were discussing good looking NFL quarterbacks this morning so we decided to do some quick meta analysis to rank the best looking ones.

Your 2011, top-10 best looking quarterback list:

10. Josh Freeman, Bucs
09. Colt McCoy, Browns
08. Aaron Rodgers, Packers

07. Mark Sanchez, Jets

06. Matt Moore, Dolphins
05. Christian Ponder, Vikings (R)
04. Tony Romo, Cowboys
03. Tom Brady, Patriots
02. Cam Newton, Panthers (R)

01. Tim Tebow, Broncos (above with Brooklyn Decker and below at this year's ESPYs)


What is truly unbelievable is how many of the other 22 quarterbacks look alike.

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