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WFAN's Tracy Burgess' Good-Bye Breakfast; Champagne from Moose

WFAN's Tracy Burgess leaves the Boomer & Carton show at approximately 9:40 AM today. So how's the last day going? Mark Chernoff, V/P Sports Programming CBS Radio, V/P Programming CBS Radio New York, and WFAN Operations Manager bought breakfast (above).

Marc Malusis and overnight producer Russell Mafes? Champagne...

Tracy leaves after her promotion to Executive Director of Community and Government Affairs over at the Long Island Power Authority. (So stop, stop searching for pics of her.)

2 minutes out the door and B&C morph into Mike & Mike. Hair waxing, skin exfoliation...what's the difference?

Tracy will be missed. And she will not be replaced. Bad enough we lost the 'News' portion months ago for some reason. WFAN would be best served to just use a Shadow Traffic type service at this point. Don't even try to fill those shoes.


**Update, h/t reader Vicky -- here's Tracy saying good-bye to Boomer & Carton.

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