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All-In? NFL Hears Appeal of NY Giants' Batchagaloop Jones

New York, NY -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell heard New York Giants offensive lineman Batchagaloop Jones’ appeal of his four-game suspension for PED use at 7 A.M. this morning in New York City. The NFL said it would expedite its review due to the predicted monsoon in San Francisco. A decision could be made as early as this morning.

The hearing apparently lasted 60 minutes, a league source told CBS Senior International NFL Insider Boomer Esiason. Those present included Batchagaloop’s agent Wayne Kerr and attorneys Al Dwyer, Lou Sirr, Edward Dukes, Bobby Recco, Keisha May Ash and Laura Norder. Batchagaloop was not at the hearing. He practiced on his own at the Timex Performance Center and was not available for comment.

Kerr said that it was a productive meeting and that he also expected a ruling would be coming quickly. A league source indicated to the Blitz that Jones’ suspension would either be overturned or, at the least, delayed until next season due to the time it would take for independent lab testing of the over-the-counter nutritional supplement Ejaculayed. Batchagaloop had said that he had taken Ejaculayed on weekends in December and that it contained the anabolic steroid Stanozolol...despite not being listed on the ingredient list.

Members of the NFLPA executive committee had pushed for the union to appeal the suspension. Norder, one of Batchagaloop’s attorneys, said “This was a mistake by the supplement company, not by Batchagaloop. We fully expect the NFL will make this right."

The New York Giants famous offensive lineman is expected to appear on WFAN's Boomer & Carton show before week's end.

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