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'Draw Your Own Conclusions' on Mike Francesa & Kim Jones

@metsfanmurph asks, Is Bob Raissman implying that Mike Francesa is banging Kim Jones? Draw your own conclusions, Paul Dottino:


Kimberly Jones has pulled off the impossible.

When she’s on WFAN, offering her insights and analysis, she is never interrupted by Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa. Unlike others who are granted an audience with the Pope, Jones is free to present lengthy uninterrupted soliloquies.

Man, this is a mystery we cannot figure out. Can you?

Draw your own conclusions.

Hmmmm...weak Bob, weak. That would be sexual harassment. WFAN would never let that happen. But then again, BR also writes "Depending on what happens, [Bob]Papa’s call of Victor Cruz’s 99-yard catch and run against the Jets could be the play-by-play man’s signature moment of the season."

We were just thrilled he stayed awake. (Photo via MF)

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