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Former Philly J.C. Romero Wins Lawsuit v Secret Supplement Company

J.C. Romero was suspended for 50 games by the MLB in 2009 after testing positive for a substance on their banned list. Romero's independent testing of the 6-OXO Extreme he used showed androstenedione in it despite not being listed on the ingredient list. He subsequently sued GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Ergopharm and Proviant Technologies and today we learn that he won something that 'gives closure to the fans of Philadelphia':

Howard Jacobs, a California attorney who represents Romero, confirmed to The News that a settlement had been reached last month, but he would not discuss the terms nor if the settlement was reached with all four of the original defendants.

"I didn't cheat," said Romero, 35. "Some other people were being negligent and I had to pay the price. But I've been using this to educate other players. I haven't been able to be the same since I was suspended. I didn't believe the suspension could affect me the way it did.

"The amount of money (in the settlement) isn't relevant. What is relevant is that people know my side. Some fans questioned my integrity. Now there is some closure and I can say the 2008 World Series was legit. Now I can focus on dominating for another five years, hopefully."

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