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James Dolan: Rangers 'Close' to Getting the Cup [Video]

January. JANUARY. NY Rangers owner decided to talk to the media:

Q. What do you think of the way the team's playing? We haven't talked to you in a couple of years, and in that time the organization has really turned it around.

DOLAN: [Laughs] 'This is very spur of the moment. We were just in the coaches' office and I'll answer the question…

"The answer is that I'm very proud of the organization. I'm particularly proud of Mr. [Glen] Sather, because all the way back to 2004 — when things weren't going so well and we had a lot of free agents in here — and we decided to basically redo the strategy, Glen and I made a pact. I actually gave him something, and I won't reveal what it is today, but I gave him something to seal the pact and I said you can't give it back to me until we win the Stanley Cup. And I think we're pretty close to be gettin' that thing back.

[John Tortorella: "Easy [now] …"]

"To me, it's all about the system … it's about great coaching, but it's also about the farm system and the scouting system and the development and going with the kids and sticking with the philosophy even though at times it didn't look so good. So I'm proud of them. I'm very proud of the organization."

Q. How much did you know about John when Glen came to you and said this is the guy?

"I don't think Glen wanted to tell me anything about John. [Laughter]"

Torts reponse after Dolan left? "We just have to go about our business. I had my owner up here talking about a Stanley Cup, and that's a bunch of bullshit," said Torts.

Ah, Torts.

**Updated -- here's the video. h/t The NY Rangers Blog

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