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A Paid crowd of 45,000 Meant that Winter Classic Alumni Players Got Paid How Much?

Dave Feschuk and Rick Westhead conservatively peg the Winter Classic Alumni Game's gate receipts at $4 million dollars. Income from non-gate sales were not considered. How well did the NHL take care of its retirees?

Multiple alumni sources said they weren’t paid for their services. Another source with knowledge of alumni affairs said he’d heard they were paid a nominal fee of $200. Perhaps there is more to the story.

While airfare and accommodations were also covered, some players actually spent money to play in the alumni game. Airline baggage fees meant lugging hockey equipment to Philadelphia cost about $50 to $100. Those who didn’t want to travel with hockey sticks could purchase one in the dressing room for $50.

“It’s not about need. It’s about principle. The alumni should be getting a share of this money,” said one NHL alumnus who requested anonymity because of his close ties to the league. “Some of the guys are well off. But there are plenty of guys who could use a cheque for a couple of thousand bucks.”

“The game in Philadelphia was the first time we had sold out a stadium (for an alumni game),” said the NHL’s chief operating officer John Collins, who added that the league planned to make some sort of charitable donation related to the Winter Classic event. “This is still new for us.”

“It’s nice to go back and play and see everybody but you know it generates a lot of dollars,” Ex-Ranger great Steve Larmer said. “Where do those dollars go? Why don’t we create something to help former players? I think everyone involved would love to know that they are doing something that doesn’t just help the NHL team owner, but also does some good.”

Indeed. h/t Tommy Dee

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