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Gossip Site Claims Sid Rosenberg has $44k in gambling debts

Jose Lambiet covered crime for the New York Daily News before starting his Gossip Extra blog. Jose claims that WQAM's Sid Rosenberg owes www.1betvegas.com an alleged $44,500-gambling debt and that a 'representative' (Frank Soviero) from the Costa Rican based site has been in Florida to convince Sid to pay up. Frank tells GE:

“Obviously, we can’t sue Sid since what we do is illegal in the United States,” Soviero said one recent evening at Gulfstream Park. “I’ve tried everything. I met him once a week at Mardi Gras or here or at the Seminole Hard Rock. He comes up with a 100 bucks here and there, and he gives me a big hug. It ticks me off because here I talked my boss in Costa Rica into giving Sid a few chances. My boss can’t return to the United States. I’ve seen him do things when he gets mad. But now that Sid ain’t paying, I want everybody to know.”

Jose claims Rosenberg was been suspended the past 6 weeks as well:

Soverio’s story comes as Rosenberg is back behind his microphone after a six-week suspension. While neither Rosenberg nor his bosses discussed it, Gossip Extra revealed in December that the unpaid suspension was doled out on suspicions that Rosenberg was about to plug a gambling site on his popular afternoon show.

In exchange for the plug, the website’s owners were supposed to wipe Rosenberg’s losses, rumored to be over $100,000.

An insider told me at the time that the potentially illegal scheme was foiled when a WQAM employee found a fax that Rosenberg left behind.

Sid pooh-poohed the suspension story, “There’s no story. Nothing brewing. Stop listening to the scumbags at 790 (WQAM’s rival station, 790 The Ticket, which Rosenberg left in 2009 to join WQAM) and a few jealous losers on the street.”

We have a text into Sid on this. Any reply, we'll update.

**Update, Sid's response? "I'm done talking about all this shit."

And even though they can be faked...www.1betvegas.com should, at the very least, release betting printouts. Also not so sure how US authorities would stand around twiddling while Soviero allegedly roams Florida to collect on what would amount to a contract that by federal law makes it illegal for banks to handle online gambling transactions. Making payoff of online bets in Costa Rica difficult! If not? Sid should be filing a libel suit, right?

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