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Jake Shields says Nick Diaz will not retire, but he is suspended

After Nick Diaz' loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143, his drug test came back positive for pot. Nick has been suspended temporarily by Nevada pending a full hearing. The question here is whether or not Nick's California script for medical marijuana will be a defense. And if it is, if it will be acceptable. Marijuana may relieve some of the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), however, there are many who do not approve of its use for such.

Diaz didn't look calmed down following the loss to Condit when he announced he was retiring from MMA but Jake Shields thinks he'll be back.

"He's calmed down. I think he's gonna fight again. I think it's just -- he's been a little burned out. They've been fighting him like crazy, keeping him busy. I think he just needs a little break. Unfortunately, he'll probably be suspended for a little while, but the time off will make him love the sport again and make him wanna get back in there."

Burned out. Indeed.

*Update, Spike's MMA Uncensored's Craig Carton landed an interview with Nick Diaz.

**Update 2 -- ratings are in for MMA Uncensored.

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