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Kobe Bryant would have been a NJ Net and Dave Cowens is a bit of a douche

While the NY Post's Mark Cannizzaro (Woods closing in on old, dominating form) tries to find yet another way to incorrectly work the word ironic into yet another Tiger Woods story, Peter Vecsey delivers the goods with a look back at LA Laker Kobe Bryant's NBA draft day back in 1996:

At some point soon after the [Charlotte] Hornets selected Bryant with the No. 13 pick, [then coach Dave Cowens and Bryan] had a private phone conversation that went something like this.

Cowens: “You know what the deal is, right?

Kobe: “Yes, I do.”

Cowens: “Well, that’s good, because we don’t need you anyway.”

Kobe is as stupefied and infuriated now as he was then.

“Can you believe someone would say something like that to a 17-year-old!” he says, his face one-third smile, one-third scowl and one-third sinister. “That really threw me. It really hurt. Especially since it came from him. I knew about Dave Cowens. I knew what a great player he was. I followed his career. I looked up to him because he played so hard and showed so much passion. That spit just blew me away!”


Oh, and those threats by Bryant's agent at the time Arn Tellem that Kobe would not play for the NJ Nets if they drafted him instead of Kerry Kittles (Bryant was to jet off to Italy). Yeah, no.

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