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Phil Simms reveals he asked Bill Parcells, Giants to trade him

The Long Island Association held its annual meeting and luncheon last week at the Crest Hollow Country Club. Phil Simms, speaking with LIA president and CEO Kevin Law, revealed that he once requested a trade out of New York:

When Law addressed the former Giants quarterback by Simms’ first name, Simms recalled how hard Parcells was on him, saying “First of all, thanks for using my first name. I always thought [my full name] was Effing Simms. I used to have to check my birth certificate and make sure my name started with a ‘P’ and not and ‘F.’ And, if I did well, it was just ‘Hey, boy’ or something like that.”

Simms later divulged that he wanted to leave New York after he was benched early in his career by Parcells.

Telling of when things got better as Simms’ career evolved, Simms said “People would tell me, ‘Hey, you hung in there.’ I was like, ‘What else was I going to do?’ Before that, I told Parcells, ‘Trade me now!’ He tried, but the organization wouldn’t let him.”

“[People] would ask me, ‘Was it really that bad?’ And, I’d tell them, ‘No it was much worse.’ Every day was the end of the world [with Parcells.] Every day! But, it was a great relationship for eight years,” Simms said.

Boomer Esiason then said good things about NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

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