When is the last time you saw a team bus hit by a train? | Bob's Blitz

When is the last time you saw a team bus hit by a train?

Cosby Sweaters reports Turkish soccer club Samsunspor had two players injured when their team bus drove in front of a train.

Speaking to the press, bus driver Recep Terzi said there was no sign of an oncoming train at the railroad crossing where the accident occurred. He said he stepped on the gas at the last moment, preventing a worse collision. Terzi said that while entering the city, he had to cross over a grade crossing where trains pass and added: “It was midnight. The ramps were up when I was about to cross. While slowly crossing, I realized a train was approaching and had its lights off. I immediately accelerated. After I stepped on the gas, the train hit the left back wheel of the bus and pushed us aside. If I had not seen the train at the last second, it would have hit the middle of the bus and that would have led to great damage and could have even cost many lives. The players awoke in panic; many later said they were lucky to have survived.”

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