'Awful' Boomer & Carton Red Sox / pregnant lady subway ad | Bob's Blitz

'Awful' Boomer & Carton Red Sox / pregnant lady subway ad

Recall those old Boomer & Carton subway ads that poke fun at Philadelphia and Boston? Laura Donovan, associate editor for The Jane Dough at Abrams Media, (and French creative writing expert) is not a fan of the “Always offer your seat to a pregnant woman. Unless she’s wearing a Red Sox hat." campaign:

Sports talk show hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton had no trouble fueling the ugly stereotype that sportscasters can be crude, sexist neanderthals, with a new subway ad that had us as perplexed as we were irritated.

Now what sportscasters are crude?

At least they went with 'irritated' and not 'infuriated.'

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