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MD Launches 'hangover heaven' bus treatment in Vegas

Anesthesiologist Jason Burke has launched a bus service called Hangover Heaven to treat Las Vegas partiers who have had a bit too much to drink. The Duke trained doctor says his treatments 'are based on his own research and real-life experience in treating patients during and after surgery. Dr. Burke recognized that the treatment of symptoms felt immediately after surgery (headache, nausea, etc.) could be applied to treating a hangover.'

A GPS unit on the roof of the bus allows potential customers to track it down as it continuously travels along the Las Vegas Strip.

Dr. Burke recently unveiled VIP in-room therapy as well: $500 for the first person and $375 for each additional person -- "The in-room treatment consists of an actual doctor coming to your room and administering two bags of IV fluids, IV anti-nausea medicine, IV anti-inflammatory medicine, and IV vitamins. It is our premium service and will have you feeling better before you know it. The complete treatment takes approximately 45 minutes."

Yes, they accept cash.

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