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Sid Rosenberg's alleged DUI details are sad, scary

Sid Rosenberg has always been a good friend of Bob's Blitz so it is tough for us to report on his DUI. But, he is WFAN related and you care about him so we'll let Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald serve as our full source on this developing story.

Sid is back on WQAM after spending much of yesterday in Jail following his arrest.

He was driving with a suspended license. It has been suspended 3 times.

WQAM PD Lee Feldman said there are no plans to suspend him "right now."

Jackson sums up the sad scene:

The police report said an officer was called to the scene after Rosenberg was spotted sitting in the driver's side of his vehicle with the door open and the engine running. His car was in the center through lane of 63rd Avenue, obstructing traffic.

Officer Jon Cooke said when he arrived, "I discovered [Rosenberg] laying on the ground behind his vehicle in the fetal position with his fingers in his mouth. He appeared to be attempting to induce himself to vomit. I noticed vomit on his clotches as well as inside and next to the driver door of the vehicle. I noticed a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath. His speech was extremely slurred and he was crying. His face was flush and his eyes were bloodshot."

Cooke said two officers assisted him to his feet and walked him to a police vehicle. "He was very uneasy on his feet and had extreme difficulty keeping his balance." Cooke said he advised Rosenberg he was conducting a criminal investigation and asked him to perform some voluntary field sobriety exercises.

"He first agreed but then stated he knew he would fail," Cooke said in the police report. "He then refused to perform them." He then was taken to Broward County Jail, where he spent much of Thurday before being released.

Competitors such as Orlando Alzugaray (Sports Host/Reporter Drive-Time Host Mon-Fri 3pm-7pm on 640AM/ The Big O Show WFTL 850 AM) took no time enjoying Sid's demons. Orlando posted the story on facebook along with 'Somethings [sic] never change.'

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