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The best Michael Kay story you will probably ever hear

He's not an animal. YES Network Yankees announcer Michael Kay was in Chicago last June 18th as the Yankees were taking on the Cubs. Lisa and Mike Weinbel had dinner at a Rosebud Restaurant following the Yanks 4-3 victory to celebrate Mike's birthday. Also having dinner? Kay and his new wife Jodi Applegate.

Mike and Michael wind up using the restroom at the same time. They strike up a conversation and, lo and behold, Kay joins them at their table. Jodi comes over as well and they all hung out together for a while.

The Weinbels are huge Lee Mazzilli fans so Lisa asks Kay if he knows Lee. Michael says that they are friends and that Lee was actually at their wedding 4 months before. Mike slickly says, "I bet his phone number is in your cell phone." Kay responds with a laugh and a: "Nice try." After a little more chatting, Michael and Jodi returned to their dinner.

20 minutes later the Weinbels look up to see that Kay had come back to their table. He handed his phone to Mike saying "Happy Birthday." Lee Mazzilli was on the other line. Mike Weinbel cried he was so happy.

Now how cool is that Michael Kay?


Yesterday, I was hanging out with Mazzilli at the New York Yankees / New Era Pinstripe Bowl Charity Golf Tournament. I asked him if he recalled being a bit late to a Mets game in the 80s because he was stopped for making an illegal lane change. Lee turned to me and said, "You gave me that ticket?!"

Mazzilli has the best teeth this side of Bobby Valentine.

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