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Mia Harris' take on Miami / NY game 2: No excuses, Amar'e is a bonehead

WELCOME NY! Welcome to the 2012 NBA playoffs! I was wondering when you were going to show up and thank you for making an appearance..well kinda sorta. At least Carmelo Anthony was back in the basketball world in Game 2. He dropped in 15 points on 6/11 shooting in the first quarter after an abysmal Game 1. But even with the big first quarter the Knicks were still down 27-24. Why? Because this Heat team is just THAT MUCH BETTER. Sorry NY fans, (and Pat Riley and LeBron haters) but it's true. The Knicks are just NOT that good...

And can I just say as a sidebar that I LOVE how TNT is using the new Linkin Park song Burn it Down as their playoff anthem. The song is HOT! I linked it up on my facebook page last week..loving it!

Back to Game 2, the Knicks looked much more like the team that went 18-6 to end the season after Mike Woodson took over for Mike D'antoni. It was a competitive first half. After the 30-13 2nd quarter in Game 1 the Knicks were definitely wary of the Heat's firepower and played better defense this outing but still came up shy at the break down 53-47. But they were only outscored by 3 in each of the first 2 quarters.THAT in itself was a moral victory for them after the throttling of Game 1. Melo looked like the Melo scoring machine we know with 21 points while Dwyane Wade led the Heaters with 19. Lebron dropped in 11 and Chris Bosh had 11. 43 of the 53 points from the "Big 3" but the Knicks still with life and not down for the count like in the opener. The hi-light of the first half for me was when Mike Bibby lost his shoe and Wade picked it up and tossed it almost off the floor. It made me giggle. I think I woulda done that too..give him the shoe back? Nah...just toss it aside and let him deal with it and tie his laces tighter!!!

At this moment of typing the Heat are up 92-77 with 4:57 to go in the game..so as you can see the Knicks haven't bridged the halftime gap. The 3rd quarter was another Heat advantage by 3 points and they led by 9 after 3. And unless the Knicks come back here with 4 and change to go they will tie Memphis for the longest playoff losing streak with 12 straight defeats. I don't think there is any way that the Knicks can win this series..I'm starting to wonder if they can even win a game. I guess if Lebron and Wade both got hurt (god forbid!!) then NY would have the upper hand, but in a Knicks of recent years fashion they would find a way to blow it. 3rd quarter hi-light was when Kevin Harlan, who is MY FAVORITE play by play man. I LOVE HIM! There is no one better. NO ONE! The greatest Harlan call of all time: when Brian Grant was on the Blazers back in the day (I think it was in the 2000 season) Grant had a huge cram, dunk, throw down (whatever you like) and Harlan's says "He plays in a perpetual RAGE" and it literally changed my life! No, seriously!!! Ok, so clearly I have a broadcasters crush on Kevin Harlan. But in the 3rd he said to Reggie Miller "I don't know what's on LeBron's teeth if he was eating some ho-ho's before the game!" Reggie laughed and Harlan said "I know it's his mouthpiece" It was funny..well it made me giggle hard as well. (I guess I'm an easy KH audience)

Oh, look! Game Over! Heat by 10,104-94. The 4th quarter provided more pushing and scoring by the MIA. Mike Miller, Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers provided some pop from the outside for the players "outside" the big threesome and the Knicks..well...they have no way to stop Miami. Just none. Melo was quiet in the 2nd half finishing the night with 30 and 9 rebounds. And is Amar'e Stoudamire still in the NBA? OH..he had the quietist 18 points I can remember in awhile. He had 18 but just seems to be a non-factor. Apparently he heard me think that and was so pissed off he punched a fire extinguisher outside the locker room after the game. X-rays to come. Of course that is Lebron's fault! Since EVERYTHING is LeBron's fault! The Knicks are such a train wreck. Really? Punch a fire extinguisher? (Shaking my head and rolling my eyes) How stupid are you????? Brilliant idea Amar'e....Bonehead!

FOX Sports reports: "Drops of blood stained the carpet leading up to the back entrance of the New York Knicks' locker room. The glass portion of a nearby fire-extinguisher case was quickly replaced. And Amare Stoudemire needed doctors and paramedics to treat a postgame cut on his left hand...Stoudemire left the building with a bulky wrap over his left hand."

The Knicks are just out-matched here...and I love love LOVE it. Dwyane led the way with 25, Bosh with 21 and LeBron had 19. A very balanced Miami attack. Chalmers had 13 and Miller and Battier each with 11, so on the Miami side it was cupcake city. Have I mentioned how much I love Kevin Harlan? Oh..sorry...digressing. :) By the way, Kevin will be on the Jason Jackson radio program (which I help book) on Tuesday May 2nd at 2pm ET. Check out Jax and Harlan on 790 the Ticket: you will NOT regret it!

Charles Barkley just echoed my sentiment..."I don't think the Knicks can win a game. I'm not being mean spiritied but they don't have enough weapons" and that is a FACT! Down 0-2..Goodbye NY for the playoffs 2012. Congratulations for making NBA history and losing your 12th straight playoff game and look to "next year". Yup, I am nailing the coffin now. Maybe a bit early, but they're DUN and DONE!

For the music fan, I DID make it to the Shins concert Sunday night in NYC. It was great! They had some psycho bunny backdrop on the stage and the lighting was fly. Yes..I said fly! I was also pleasantly surprised by the opening act. A band called St Lucia. A fun electro-pop fusion band with a really funky sound that had me bopping around. I also linked them on facebook. A good find for any indie music fan, like myself. Next show is Radiohead in June and I am beyond words excited to see one of my favorite bands!

Next up is the Thunder-Mavs game. Now THAT is a series. Game 1 was sick. What a crazy finish..between Dirk knocking down shots and then K Durant's game winner. I am hoping for a 7 game series out west to sink my basketball teeth into..no ho-ho's for me though..they would slow down my 8 minute mile pace. Who am I kidding...I would totally eat a ho-ho and then go run 5 miles. Sugar me up baby!

Before the series started I said Heat in 5. I probably shouldn't waver from that even though I find it really hard to believe the Knicks will win a game in this series, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and since I still live in the tri-state I'll give the home team 1. Call it a charity game.

For now the Heat are up 2-nil and have 2 days to rest, travel and get ready for the Garden. Get ready "The City" as "The HOTNESS" is coming to town!

Me-a out....

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