O'Reilly leaves Letterman speechless after Solyndra sparring | Bob's Blitz

O'Reilly leaves Letterman speechless after Solyndra sparring

Bill O'Reilly was on the David Letterman show last night when the Solyndra scandal was brought up as a big election loss for the Obama administration. (The Energy Department finalized a $737 million loan guarantee for a proposed solar power plant to be built by the company last September...2 days before the end of the '1705 program,' (which was funded through the massive economic stimulus package enacted early in President Barack Obama's administration) and right before the company filed for bankruptcy. Solyndra also got a $535 million loan guarantee in 2009, right after the 1705 program was created...)

Dave attempted to rebut by tossing a non-specific sentence into the air. Letterman stated that 'there are particulars that don't represent it as being as black & white as you suggest.' And then Bill asked him to name them.

Dave's TKO'd Bill in the past. Last night? Not so much.

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