Q. The NY Mets lead the New York Yankees 5-1 in what per year? | Bob's Blitz

Q. The NY Mets lead the New York Yankees 5-1 in what per year?

A. Arrests.

The Mets refused to comment on the number of fans it has banned, but [Helen, a spokeswoman for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown] Peterson said that since 2004, there have been an average of about five arrests each season for interference, either by pulling a [Craig] Coakley or throwing objects on the field.

The Yankees, who also refused to comment, have averaged less than one arrest a season for running on the field over the past three years, according to Bronx DA assistant Anthony Schepis.

So how many fans have been banned at Jets and Giants games?

MetLife Stadium security chief Daniel DeLorenzi said only a handful of fans, “maybe five or six,” have been banned from the home of the Giants and Jets, either for running onto the field or “any other criminal offense.”

Now it makes sense that less folks are jumping the wall and running on the field during a football game at MetLife. But 'maybe 5 or 6' banned? What about the weekly drunken brawls, parking lot beatings, and burning parked cars? Interesting system.

More stories of NY sports field trespassers, the bans they received (and how some bitch about that while others find ways around them), and the guy who parachuted into Game 6 in The Boys in the BANNED - Field-rushing fans get boot from NYC stadiums – but disguises get ’em back in today in The NY Post.

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