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The 'Top 10 Moments in WFAN History' Announced

New York, NY -- WFAN, the first & most listened to sports radio station, is celebrating 25 years on the air this year. (Coincidentally, Steve Somers is celebrating a milestone of his own: His 102nd year on the air.)

Bob's Blitz decided to help celebrate by having you name the Top 10 moments in WFAN History. Here's what you had to say:

#10 -- October 11, 2010: Evan Roberts accidentally loses his virginity on-air when he reaches orgasm by sitting on a radio speaker while partner Joe Benigno reads NCAA seeds as scores. Roberts is later told 'that' doesn't count.

#9 -- April 4, 2007: Don Imus solidifies race relations across the nation with his Rutgers 'nappy-headed hoes' remark.

Imus is awarded the Frog Prize in Race Relations. Fired on April 12th, Boomer & Carton later accept the award from Michelle Obama on his behalf at a neighborhood Family FunFest.

#8 -- December 15, 2011: Joe Benigno successfully completes a full live read for Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. After the accomplishment, Benigno is unable to walk the city streets alone.

#7 -- June 10, 2011: Craig Carton beats up Jenn Sterger. And, since she was in studio, she can't leave. "Look at me! I did this to you! REMEMBER ME!" Carton is rumored to have said. 'Rumored' because the full tape goes missing.

#6 -- September 30, 2009: Sitting at an abysmal 67-91, the Mets are mere hours away from losing to the Washington Nationals when announcer Howie Rose admits to Mike Francesa: "We [the team broadcasters] all just do the games blitzed at this point."

#5 -- October 20, 2011: Boomer Esiason is named Most Buzz Worthy NY Media Member. The powerful but arrogant broadcaster confuses 'Buzz Worthy' with 'Buzz Lightear' (as well as The Avengers with Toy Story) and begins dressing as Thor. MSG, a subsidiary of Gulf and Western Industries, Inc., borrows equipment from Paramount Pictures which allows the costume to be washed out for the tv broadcast.

#4 -- July 9, 2011: Overcome with excitement following the Yankees 5-4 win over the Tampa Bay Rays, Mike Francesa leaves his very good Legends Suite seat at the Stadium and cream pies then YES Network sideline reporter Kim Jones.

Francesa & Jones become fast friends but the New York Daily News calls for the public to 'draw your own conclusions' when Kim is not rehired by the network the following season. Video of the event is removed from YES' website.

Below is the only known photograph post creampieing.

#3 -- February 13, 2012: Mike Francesa reveals his revolutionary new iPhone app. It alerts fans when Dupp takes a dump. Referred to by WFAN insiders as "Big Mikey's 20/20 update."

#2 The New York City Gay Men's Chorus rallies at 345 Hudson Street to say 'thanks' to Craig Carton after he decides not to pose for Playgirl. The Albuquerque Lesbian and Gay Chamber of Commerce establishes a scholarship in his name.

#1 -- August 5, 2008: Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo doesn't show up for work. He is still officially considered missing today, however, police hopes of finding him appear dim.

#1a -- June 13, 1988: Days after 'Risen Star' wins the Belmont Stakes, Mike Francesa solidifies his place in the annals of sports talk radio lore by landing the interview with Star's daddy, Secretariat. Francesa and the sire immediately share an affinity for each other when Mike lets the horse know that he too had battled laminitis in the past.

The Triple Crown winner's autograph is the one collectible that Francesa openly admits to cherishing.

It's been a great run at WFAN. From the first sports update by Suzyn Waldman, to the excellent production of Al Dukes, right up to the Boomer & Carton show being crowned kings of New York with the number 1 sports talk radio show in the city. We look forward to the next twenty five years. (Congratulations to Top 10 Moments in WFAN History contest grand prize winner, Timothy Bradley from Ramapo, New Jersey. Tim wins a free DVD with the answers to all his reverse mortgage questions and a 3/4 full bottle of Ageless Male.)

All audio courtesy 660 WFAN. All photography courtesy Matthew Funtime.

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