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Hope Solo Can't Shut Up about Olympic Style Sex

Hope Solo met with Coach Pia Sundhage and captains of the U.S. women's soccer team Sunday after the goalie tweeted that Brandi Chastain wasn't a big enough fan.

"We had a conversation: If you look at the women's national team, what do you want (people) to see? What do you want them to hear?" Coach Sundhage told reporters at the team hotel. "And that's where we do have a choice -- as players, coaches, staff, the way we respond to certain things."

And while most casual observers couldn't care less what Hope thinks about NBC's announcers, they (the casual observers) will probably get a kick out of Solo's latest comment about the 2012 Games:

“There’s a lot of sex going on. On the grass, between the buildings, people are getting down and dirty.” She said “that this could be the raunchiest Olympic games ever.”

The only thing funnier than Solo's mouth is the placement of the above quote on Heavy's 8 Outrageous Facts About Sex at the London Olympics. It was number 4. Number 5? “What happens in the Village stays in the Village.”

But she's got to be promotin'.

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