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Blink 158: Sports Illustrated's college football issue

Kudos to the Arizona Daily Star's Greg Hansen. Greg noticed that Sports Illustrated's college football issue comes complete with a lotta Nike:

By my count, the almighty swoosh appears 158 times in the Aug. 20 issue of Sports Illustrated. The magazine is a mere 122 pages.

That means there are more swooshes than ads and articles, combined.

The Nike swoosh appears on cleats, socks, jerseys, helmets, gloves, wristbands, footballs, elbow pads, biceps bands and on the skinniest little knee band a football player has ever worn.

Somehow it was big enough for a mini-swoosh.

This swoosh-consciousness hit me during a post-practice interview with UA coach Rich Rodriguez last week. He had a swoosh on his cardinal red baseball cap, another on his navy blue practice shirt, another on his sweat-stained practice shorts, one more on the frame of his sun glasses and, of course, a swoosh on both sides of his Nike-issued footwear.

No good, no bad there. Just acute observation. And Nike runs college football.

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