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JPP Dumped Giants Teammate Prince Amukamara into an Ice Tub

Jason Pierre Paul dumped Giants teammate Prince Amukamara into an ice tub while another Giants player screamed 'Stand up for yourself' as punter Steve Weatherford apparently videotaped (or, at the least, tweeted said video). Jason McIntyre asks, "Hazing? Well, maybe if the video was from last year, when Prince was a rookie. But if it is from recently – Steve Weatherford, the Giants punter, tweeted it Saturday morning – then you’ve got to wonder if the two had some sort of beef."


Steve Weatherford - "JPP throws Prince Amukumara in the Ice tub"

Disturbing. And YouTube agreed. The initial video was removed due to its policy on harassment, threats, and bullying. The video above is age restricted.

*Update - Paul Schwartz reports that coach Tom Coughlin promised to “address that strongly’’ when told of the video's subject matter.

“I’m learning about that today, I really didn’t have any information about that until maybe an hour before this conference call,’’ Coughlin said Sunday afternoon. “I’m gonna look into it, I’m gonna talk to the parties involved, as I’m understanding it there were some parts of it were inappropriate. No way anything that occurs within this family or within this group should that be a part of any kind of social media aspect,’’ said Coughlin, who sounded more annoyed that the video was made public than he was about the antics of his players. “I’m gonna address that strongly because I’ve spent a little time on that this preseason and I’ll look into it further.’’

The Post also identified some of the players visible above:

Michael Boley, Chris Canty, Bruce Johnson and Terrell Thomas are also clearly visible in the video, which ends with Pierre-Paul uttering a string of profanities, including “He ain’t gonna do that [bleep] to me.’’

Canty says “Steve, let me see the footage,’’ presumably to Weatherford, who appears to be the player videoing the incident.

Weatherford has now returned to Twitter to apologize.

Finally, the NY Giants have found a way to grab the spotlight they do not want. You think Weatherford, who underwent the cardiac ablation process a few years back, would like he and his ticker dumped in a tub of ice?

Just saying.

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