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Rex Ryan and Tim Tebow have 'found a way to win' against dyslexia

NY Jets back quarterback and Tim Tebow and head coach Rex Ryan share a bond: They both battle the developmental reading disorder dyslexia. And both of had a pretty good go of it. Rex said of Tim: “And that’s kind of how he plays, right?” Ryan said of Tebow. “He finds a way to win. When you look at it, it might not be a traditional way, but all he does, he finds ways to win. And he certainly did that against us in Denver (last season), you know what I mean?”

Their experiences are different. Both Tebow’s older brother and father are dyslexic, and he was diagnosed when he was in elementary school. Ryan’s dyslexia went undetected until he was in his 40s. But both men have made adjustments all their lives -- Tebow in homeschooling and at the University of Florida, and Ryan at each level of school through his master’s degree -- as well as in their current jobs with the Jets.

“So much in football is touching, feeling, walking through, writing it on boards, drawing Xs and Os,” Tebow told the Star Ledger. “And all those are the best for me.”

“It has to do with finding out how you learn, and you really get it done quickly,” Tebow said. “I’m not somebody that opens a playbook and just turns and reads and reads. That doesn’t do it for me. So I just made flashcards, I take each one, and then boom, when I’m traveling, I just flip through it. That really helped me. Writing it down, flipping through and quizzing myself, that was a great way for me to do it.”

Tebow said of Ryan: “I don’t think it makes me respect him more, because I respect coach Ryan a lot,” Tebow said. “What it does is just show that learning disabilities, especially dyslexia, have nothing to do with how smart or intelligent someone is. Because there are not many minds in the NFL that are as bright or as sharp or as flexible as coach Ryan’s. That’s one of the coolest things to hear coach Ryan’s story. It’s something to share with kids, that, ‘Hey, it is not a big deal.’ You can overcome it. You just figure out how you learn, and what’s right for you.”


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