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Boomer Esiason was a sneaky SOB: Ex-NFL Ref Red Cashion

Randy Harvey spoke to retired NFL referee Red Cashion. The 85-year-old Cashion had some suggestions for the current crop of scab refs. Don't let a player be as sneaky as Boomer Esiason used to be:

*If it looks like the players are particularly boisterous, as occurred in the Baltimore-Philadelphia and Denver-Atlanta games, he said you must "stomp on 'em early." Let them know who's in charge.

*Don't be intimidated by coaches. He said some, such as former Oilers coach Jerry Glanville, tried to wear you down with constant complaints.

*Don't be pals with players. He said Boomer Esiason would ask him about his wife, kids and golf game every time he worked one of his games. "It wasn't that Boomer wasn't a polite guy," Cashion said. "But...he was also looking for an edge."

*On the six days you're not officiating, watch film and study so that you'll know the rules.

*Most important, he said, do everything possible to prevent injuries. "We are the first line of defense," he said. "That's during a play and after. You're standing four or five feet from a guy and he looks hurt, chances are he's hurt."

Boomer Esiason...always a player looking for an edge...

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