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Chris Russo: Francesa fell asleep

Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo gave his opinion on Fransiestagate today during his afternoon SiriusXM show. And if someone knows Mike Francesa, it's Dog:

Russo: “Yeah, Mike fell asleep....Mike came on today at 1 o’clock and essentially said, ‘I closed my eyes but didn’t fall asleep.’"

"Now, listen, I think Mike, he can say what he wants – and, listen, I shouldn’t even say this – but Mike fell asleep. We’ve gotta be fair. I mean, Mike nodded off. He probably would’ve been better off just saying, ‘I nodded off, my error.’ It can happen.

Listen, he’s been doing that show forever so it can happen. I don’t think Sweeny [Murti] took offense to it but he did nod off, no question about it."

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