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“How stupid can Andy Reid possibly be?": WFAN's Paul Dottino

Usually, when you're a quote, unquote 'reporter' -- you want to steer clear of calling folks 'stupid.' (Just a tip from your friends at the Blitz, WFAN's Paul Dottino.) This morning, talking to host Richard Neer about tomorrow night's Eagles, Giants game -- WFAN Giants 'reporter' Dottino forgot such when speaking about Andy Reid, who had said Michael Vick was his #1 QB (wow, that's a lot of commas from us, no?):

“And this comes up after they just signed [Vick] to a huge contract,” Dottino pointed out. “How stupid can Andy Reid possibly be? You know, he’s feeling the heat from [team owner Jeffrey] Lurie, who says an 8-8 season’s not gonna be good enough, so he comes around and blows the heat on his quarterback, when he knows his quarterback is playing behind a Rice Krispie offensive line.

“I mean, think about that,” Dottino continued. “How dumb can Andy Reid possibly be? He’s made a very foolish mistake, and if Vick tries to do too much against the Giants tomorrow, he’s gonna wind up paying for it.”

Reporter and huge Giants fan Dottino then went back out and continued breaking big story after big story. He should thoroughly enjoy his Philly visit.

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