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MMA Uncensored Live asks fans to critique Craig Carton.....

The guys at MMA Uncensored Live asked via Facebook, "What do you think about Craig Carton? Be brutally honest."

Glenn Rowe Good money!

Paul Degollado Jr. Hilarious!

Rob Buzzardbait Burns Better off on a radio show!

Joe Hamilton horrible. acts like he doesnt even like the sport and this show is beneath him

Tim Wright better than straka

Joe Starr Carton's the man.

Brian J Schaaf dont have a problem with him at all

Chris Marsh Carton is a douchebag

Josh Martinez Douche of the year

Scott Diggs Dick

Anhell Anomaly He's great! I love how he speaks his mind and not what they tell him to read off my teleprompter. Peace

Roderick L. Beasley He cuts the guess off alot when they are trying to talk overeem is the only who called him on it.He is kinda funny tho

Shawn Stewart He sucks balls that suck other balls

Shawn Stewart he threatens to fight someone on every show

Jon Haze Brunner I like him.. he might be scared of some tough guys.. but hey he still talks tough haha

Chris Marsh Carton needs to be bitch slapped by someone wearing a Freddy Kreuger glove..Seriously this guy sucks sh*t

Craig Palm Douche. I heard Quarry hates him

Justin Diggs Cock

Rob Neimeth douchey as all hell. total tool..but a good host because he talks real and isnt afraid to ask fighters who would kick the shit out of him touchy questions and he presses their buttons a little. makes for good tv.

Aj Apostolis He's in the closet the only reason we know his name is because inside mma isn't on spike... Serious little man complex... The guests, and quarry are the only reason I watch

Frankie Anderson I like him. I think he's perfect for the job because most hosts annoy the hell out me when they suck up to the guests on their show. On the ones I watched(since the start), I have not noticed him doing this. Love this show. Catch it every week either tuning in or DVR. Hope he plays it out to the end. Love how he puts people on the spot and jokes around too.

Jimmie Casanova I think Craig is a wise ass but very funny and entertaining !!! I have been following him since he was 1 half of the Jersey Guys on 101.5 and have always liked him !!!!

Roderick L. Beasley I could not stand him at first but he grew on me i do like how he he is not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Bryan Steffenhagen Meh, comes off kinda dickish. Super awkward that time Nate Marquardt got pissed at him on the show.

Dave Marsh Snappy dresser, and a great kisser !

Zabiullah Azimi He is funny and unlike Inside MMA does not kiss ass of the fighters who come to his show :)

Jason Burry He shoud realize the fighters on the show are why people are watching. The overeem thumb wrestlinh debacle was the pinnacle of douche! New host and the show will be great.

Brian R Pierce He's no Bas Rutten. Someone like Frank Shamrock or Pat Militich would be better to lead the show.

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