Were NFL scab refs 'NFL-regular-season-ready?': "No," says former scab ref | Bob's Blitz

Were NFL scab refs 'NFL-regular-season-ready?': "No," says former scab ref

Jerry Frump refereed college football for 40 years. But when the NFL announced that they were looking for replacement referees, he jumped at the chance. Now he's critiqued his fellow scab refs for Time Magazine.

The night before the New England–Nashville game, not you personally but your crew, looking at it honestly, were you guys an NFL-regular-season-ready officiating crew?

No, I don’t think you could say that.

We didn’t have that experience. You can’t say that guys that had worked four preseason games and prior to that had worked, whether it be [Division I-AA] or worked Division II, Division III — there’s no way you can compare us with the guys that have had X number of years at the NFL level. No one jumps into the NFL from Division II or Division III, and very few guys even from [Division I-AA]. Most of these guys have spent years working at the Division I BCS level, where they worked in front of 75 or 100 people, and you know, they’re accustomed to working with replay and with a lot of the stuff our guys had never been exposed to

Read more because now Frump probably no longer has a place in the college game either:


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