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Sexual miscreant Lawrence Taylor wanted his 16-year-old 'prostitute' to look like a much younger version of his wife

Level 1 sex offender Lawrence Taylor was in court facing once abused child Cristina Fierro for a civil suit following his rendezvous with the beaten and bloodied 16-year-old runaway back in 2010. (LT pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute and was sentenced to six years’ probation and labeled a Level 1 sex offender after the meeting.) The Post's Andrea Peyser was there:

Lying naked in a Rockland County Holiday Inn with abused child Cristina Fierro, who’d been beaten and bloodied by her pimp, the 260-pound Taylor ordered the girl, who at 16 weighed 110 pounds, to “take out her hair.’’

“He told me I had nice, curly hair. Like his wife,’’ Fierro, who started to sob, testified yesterday in an absurd civil trial against the enormous, adulterous Taylor, 53.

“Whenever there was silence, he told me to take my dress off,’’ Fierro said, again dissolving into tears. “He was persistent.”

Taylor, also known as LT, insists that the sex with the minor was consensual.

Yet LT marched into the courtroom, all 6 feet, 3 1/2 inches of bad attitude, and immediately glared at Fierro, who is suing him for an unspecified sum. Now 19 and married, she avoided Taylor’s scowl.

When a Post reporter tried to make nice, Taylor wagged a finger in his face menacingly and told him to get lost. When I asked Taylor about the pink, rubber breast-cancer bracelet on his right wrist (his left bore an enormous gold watch and a fat, gold wedding band) Taylor got scary.

“I’m sure you want to know about it!’’ he barked, psyching me out with his glare.

So you can imagine how Fierro felt lying with a horny player more than twice her size and age, and a dozen times her strength.

“He was lying on top of me. I said I can’t breathe. I was pushing him away from me.’’ Taylor attempted to give the child oral sex, but she said “No!’’ and he stopped.

She said she asked Taylor to put on a condom. But the doofus couldn’t quite do it. “It’s my first time,’’ Cristina whimpered. “He didn’t care . . . It was really painful.’’

Taylor ended the quickie sensitively. “He had money in his pocket,’’ said Fierro. “He said, ‘Here. Turn the TV off when you leave.’ ”

[Pimp Rasheed] Davis, now serving seven years for sex trafficking, took the $300.

That's hall of fame quality right there. Expect Mike Francesa to have New Jersey insiders detail Taylor's chances at sacking the POS.

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